The Advos Team

Expert, Ethical, Everyday Support

Jody Ellis launched Advos in 1997.  A refugee from the enterprise IT world, his vision was to provide small-business owners access to the support, strategic management, and best practices that were then only available to large corporate entities.

Twenty-three years later, clients benefit from Advos’ team, a collection of IT professionals who enjoy helping, and sharing their extensive experience and insights on business information technology.

Advos shares their customer’s experience of being a small business in a highly competitive industry.

Rely on the Advos team for:

  • Fast response with everyday, anytime support.
  • Friendly, down-to-earth people.
  • The right balance of what is best for your business and what is best for your budget.
  • The know-how to solve immediate problems coupled with strategic thinking for long-term impact.
  • Intelligence without intimidation.
  • An ethical, win-win working relationship.

For more information, contact us at or (724) 625-9300.